Warehousing Solutions

warehousing in NYC & USAWe provide access a secure, bonded facility in which you can warehouse your freight or have our dedicated staff distribute it to your waiting customers.

  • Container Freight Stations (CFS)
  • Trans-loading
  • Cross Docking
  • Bonded Warehouse
  • Consolidations
  • Packing, Repacking and Crating
  • Garment on Hanger (GOH)

Warehousing Available At Your Size, Location & Schedule

As a company that places a special emphasis on optimizing any given client’s entire global supply chain, warehousing is an important final component. Farrell International provides the ultimate in third party logistics for warehousing on a nationwide scale throughout the U.S.

For over 45 years, our Warehousing specialists have always maintained the same set of criteria in order to get our clients the most affordable, efficient service possible. Our dedicated warehouse solutions are available to you at just the right size, at just the right time, and just the right place. We provide complete warehouse management solutions that are inherently designed to dramatically help you in quite a few different ways.

Why Pay Extra When We Can Optimize the Entire Warehousing Process for You?

By analyzing what size and type of freight is coming from the ports, through our large network of third party logistics partners, we’re able to pinpoint a warehouse that can accommodate your freight securely without you having to pay for unused space. We run a very tight ship around here and truly love helping our clients maintain the most efficient supply chain possible. We can also help cut costs by procuring a warehouse that’s in as close proximity as possible from your entry port. Just these two factors alone can save tremendous amounts of time, money and help you get to market much faster.

Take Care of Your Business, We’ll manage the Cargo

In addition to the facilities located domestically, we have access to warehousing around the entire globe. Farrell International covers all aspects of warehousing from beginning to end so that you can focus on your business. This includes managing:

  • Storage, receiving & packing areas
  • Unloading industrial sized cargo
  • Gentle care in overall storage & handling of freight
  • Daily deliveries to accommodate “Just In Time” requirements

Helping You by Consolidating Services to Cut Costs and Meet Market Demand

All in all, we work to consolidate warehousing, transportation and delivery services. In the end, this will help you to trim costs and meet the demands of your market. Farrell International helps to minimize the risks that often come when dealing with suppliers, carriers and service providers.