freight forwardingFreight Forwarding

As a fully licensed international freight forwarder, Farrell can arrange quality, cost effective transportation whether moving port-to-port or door-to-door.

From any part in the world to any port in the country. Whether it’s air, ocean, ground or a combination, Farrell provides the highest quality service at the most competitive rates. As a fully licensed freight forwarder for domestic or international shipping, we can help assist you with every piece of your supply chain.

Documentation, Rules & Regulations All Taken Care Of

Our professional and friendly staff act on behalf of our clients by facilitating documentation, arranging the appropriate transportation, and many other required services. We’re completely familiar with the rules and regulations of each country, their customs, different methods of shipping and documents needed. Whether you’re goods are traveling by air, sea, or land, Farrell’s got you covered.

  • Air
  • Ocean
  • Foreign Agents
  • Consolidations
  • Distributions

From Port to Port or Door to Door

Moving freight from port to port or door to door can either be an logistical mess or something you’ll never have to deal with ever again. Farrell International’s team of freight forwarding experts’ top priority is to help manage and improve your freight forwarding operations so you can focus on your business. Moving goods internationally can be a very tough process due to the sheer amount of regulations, document facilitation and other rules that apply. With Farrell, you can count on far better clearance, scheduling and speed to the market on a global scale.

We’ll Find the Most Efficient Method of Transport that Meets Your Budget & Schedule

Save a tremendous amount of time by leveraging our worldwide network of experienced partners and agents. Farrell will take the steps to analyze your freight and determine the quickest, most reliable and lowest cost method of transportation to fit your needs. On a larger scale or a long-enough timeline, you’ll be able to see shipment costs lowered and your freight reaching their destination in an expedited fashion.

Ocean, Air & Ground Freight Forwarding Is Our Forte

Enjoy optimized air forwarding that will leave a noticeable impact on your company’s shipping logistics. Our ocean freight includes optimal routes for fast transportation, vast sizes for larger amounts of freight and fully personalized service which will always match your schedule and your budget. From the ports to the warehouse, our trucking division can be dispatched to provide you with lightning-fast quotes, distribution services, and the most effective means of moving those pallets into warehouses.

All-Encompassing Freight Forwarding Management for Your Company

Your shipping schedule all depends on compliance regulations. These compliance regulations are dependent on properly filled out documentation. Whatever type of documentation is needed, our licensed freight forwarding specialists will get it done the right way without any delays. It’s our job to make sure every last container, pallet or box is shipped and managed properly. We’ll oversee and manage the entire freight forwarding portion of your shipment logistics division. Worried about anything else? Don’t be, Farrell International does it all. From calculations of equipment and specifications to tariffs, duty’s and other costs, your satisfaction is our #1 priority.