customs brokerageCustoms Brokerage Services

As licensed Customs Brokers we handle all negotiations and interfaces with U.S. Customs As well as other government agencies (Food & Drug, Fish & Wildlife, USDA etc.) that may be involved in the clearance of your freight. “After clearance” services are never a problem.

Whether it’s drawbacks, entry reconciliation, protests or voluntary tenders, at Farrell it’s our business to know the latest laws, regulations and restrictions that must be met expeditiously when conducting global trade.

  • Customs Entries
  • Customs Compliance
  • In-transit entries (IT, IE, T&E)
  • FDA
  • USDA
  • Single Entry Bonds (SEB)
  • Warehouse Entries
  • Informal Entries
  • Temporary Import Bonds
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Foreign Monetary Collections
  • Commerce and State Department Licenses
  • Letters of Credit
  • Courier Services
  • Insurance

The Authority On Customs Brokerage for Over 45 Years

When it comes to clearing shipments through customs, Farrell International has been the authority for over 45 years. Companies that ship goods domestically or internationally have found us to be an integral component in their global operations structure.

Our personalized, customer-centric focus has allowed us to help businesses of all sizes trade internationally with ease. Whichever countries you may need goods imported from, we possess all of the proper knowledge to obtain shipment clearance at no hassle to you.

Avoid the Complexities of International Trade by Outsourcing

If you’d like to be successful within today’s marketplace, then you’ll need to become an international trade guru. Of course, all of this would entail that your company has all the right licensing available, relationships with agents throughout the world and a very deep understanding of the complexities surrounding customs brokerage. However, why invest years of time and money trying to navigate the murky waters of trade regulations when you can simply outsource the work to a company that specializes in customs brokering?

Farrell International is just the company you’re looking for. For over 45 years, we have assisted in clearing countless shipments from port to port. This is not a simple endeavor. On a daily basis, we perform an enormous host of tedious services for our clients so that they’re supply chain remains locked down and efficient.

You Make Money, Let Us Tighten Up Your Supply Chain

What makes hiring us for custom brokerage services a “no-brainer” is the sheer amount of work and hassles we can take off your hands. We fully understand that you’re main role as a business is to gain capital and increase revenue. Nothing can get in the way of your global or domestic trade. Farrell International will most certainly free you up to concentrate on the most important component of your business; generating revenue.

Fully Licensed Customs Brokers

Day in and day out, our licensed brokers perform countless tasks on your behalf with a focus on best in class customer satisfaction and smooth sailing for trade clearance. Our licensed brokers are highly knowledgable when it comes to all of the constantly changing customs regulations in each country.

We perform entry procedures, admission requirements, assist in document collection, and e-form filing. We are familiar with all applicable laws and consider all of these necessities when focusing on your business. You can also count on our staff for reliable, solid information. Your imported goods are subject to specific duties, taxes, classifications and valuations. None of the above has to ever be a concern in your head when you work with Farrell. We’ll literally provide you with a hassle-free experience along every single step of your supply chain.